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Sunday   (08/07/2016)

Rita sent some pictures of their new place. Click here.

Sunday   (07/31/2016)

Rita was kind enough to send some pictures of Sarah's wedding shower. I weeded out the duplicates and have the rest here.

Rita sent me more pictures of a monumental event in their household today - the large tree was dismantled, taken down and burned. Wow!! Click here for some pictures.

Friday (07/15/2016)

Click here for pictures of the whale watching.

Friday (07/08/2016)

More pictures from the 3rd, these from the Meissner's (thanks). Click here.

Thursday (07/07/2016)

Here's a couple of pictures from Shawn and she said, "I've attached some photos from the hike Dan, Theo and I took to an abandoned fire lookout near Priest Lake. In the photo of Theo on the tree, Priest lake (on the left) & Upper Priest Lake are visible. Elevation of the lookout was 6330 feet." Thanks Shawn! Click here.

Wednesday (07/06/2016)

Rita was kind enough to share some pictures with me, which I'm passing along to you. Click here.

Friday (06/17/2016)

Pictures of Dan's Parade of Home 2016.....click here.

Bob and Rita's new home site.....click here.

Saturday (05/28/2016)

The family send-off for us. Click here.

Monday (05/23/2016)

Want to see some pictures from the auction Saturday? Click here.

Saturday (04/23/2016)

Family pictures at the Fireside Theater. Click here.

Friday (01/22/2016)

Kathy's Retirement Pictures - click here.

Sunday (01/03/2016)

Kathy got back from Caz and had a good time with the Smith's and the Romanowski's. Along the way they made a gingerbread house. Click here to see it.

Jeni, Chad and Wyatt stopped over for several hours. Wyatt was such a good boy and was awake most of the time. We all had a good time talking, sharing a meal and exchanging gifts. Kathy was the real trooper - she cooked the dinner so that I could spend time with our guests. Jeni was totally impressed that Marie/Len & Sandy/Dan got Wyatt some gifts. Click here for some pictures.

Saturday (12/19/2015)
First thing in the morning we drove separately to the hospital to visit with Jeni, Chad and Wyatt. The baby is just so cute. Kathy and I each got to hold him; and for me, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve held a baby – since Jeni if I remember correctly. I was lucky in that Wyatt was awake when I was holding him. I got a good look at his blue eyes. Chad’s parents and sister/nephew arrived and we all spent some time together. Kathy soon took off, heading to Kenosha, but I stayed another 90 minutes or so. When I left, so did Chad’s family, giving Jeni a chance to catch her breath. Here are some pictures of our visit to the hospital:


Friday (12/04/2015)
A special day for Ryan and Laura – they got hitched. It was a private wedding as only Bob & Rita and Ryan’s parents were there. Congratulations to the couple! Here are some pictures of the event: