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Bizarre Events

June 2017 Bizarre and Unique Month, Weeks and Days


Weekly Events:

June, 2017 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

Dare Day

Flip a Coin Day

1 National Go Barefoot Day

1 National Hazelnut Cake Day

1 National Heimlich Maneuver Day

1 National Penpal Day

1 National Say Something Nice Day

National Bubba Day

National Doughnut Day always the first Friday in June

National Rocky Road Day

2 National Bubba Day

2 National Leave the Office Early Day

2 National Rotisserie Chicken Day

National Trails Day  First Saturday in June

Repeat Day (I said "Repeat Day")

3 National Chocolate Macaroons Day

Applesauce Cake Day

Hug Your Cat Day

Old Maid's Day

4 National Cheese Day

4 National Cognac Day

4 National Cancer Survivor's Day

World Environment Day

5 National Gingerbread Day

5 National Moonshine Day

National Gardening Exercise Day- Get out and exercise with your plants.

National Yo-Yo Day

6 National Applesauce Cake Day

6 National Drive-In Movie Day

6 National Higher Education Day

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

7 National Running Day

7 National VCR Day

Best Friends Day

Name Your Poison Day

8 National Upsy Daisy Day

Donald Duck Day

National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

10 Iced Tea Day

10 National Ballpoint Pen Day

10 National Black Cow Day

10 National Herbs and Spices Day

11 National Corn on the Cob Day

11 National German Chocolate Cake Day

11 National Making Life Beautiful Day

12 Red Rose Day

12 Happy Children's Day

12 National Clean Out Your Computer Day - second Monday of the month

12 National Jerky Day

12 National Loving Day

12 National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

13 Sewing Machine Day

13 National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

13 National Weed your Garden Day

14 Flag Day

14 Monkey Around Day

14 National Bourbon Day

14 National Strawberry Shortcake Day

15 Smile Power Day

15 Global Wind Day

16 Fresh Veggies Day

16 National Fudge Day

16 National Flip Flop Day

TBD  Nursing Assistants Day - First day of National Nursing Assistants Week

17 Eat Your Vegetables Day

17 National Hollerin' Contest Day - third Saturday in June

17 World Juggler's Day - Saturday closest to June 17th

17 National Apple Strudel Day

17 National Cherry Tart Day

18 Father's Day - third Sunday

18 Go Fishing Day

18 International Panic Day

18 International Picnic Day

18 International Sushi Day

18 National Splurge Day - Oh yeah!!

19 National Kissing Day

19 World Sauntering Day

19 Juneteenth Day

19 National Martini Day

20 Ice Cream Soda Day

20 International Surfing Day

20 National Vanilla Milkshake Day

21 Go Skate Day

21 International Yoga Day

21 National Selfie Day

21 Finally Summer Day- Summer Solstice, date varies

21 National Peaches 'n' Cream Day

22 National Chocolate Eclair Day

22 National Onion Rings Day

23 National Columnists Day

23 National Pink Day

23 Take Your Dog to Work Day Friday after Father's Day

23 National Pecan Sandies Day

24 Swim a Lap Day

24 National Pralines Day

25 Log Cabin Day

25 National Catfish Day

25 National Strawberry Parfait Day

26 Beautician's Day

26 Forgiveness Day

26 National Beautician's Day

27 Sun Glasses Day

27 National HIV Testing Day

27 National Orange Blossom Day

28 Insurance Awareness Day - Now who do you  think invented that!?!

28 Paul Bunyan Day

29 Camera Day

29 Hug Holiday

29 Internatioal Mud Day

29 National Almond buttercrunch Day

29 National Camera Day

29 Waffle Iron Day

30 Meteor Day