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Kathy and Gil

We met when I was fixing the home computer of a co-worker (Marty). Marty's wife Donna decided that a meeting between her long-time friend (Kathy) and me might be a good idea. The match-making didn't go quite the way Donna planned. After being given each others email addresses by Donna, we decided to meet for breakfast at Denny's rather than the four of us meeting. The rest is history as that first "date" led to a year of dating and then a fantastic wedding event where most of both families and some friends participated in the wedding.

I sold my house in Cottage Grove shortly after the wedding and a new home was purchased in the Belleville area. The home was purchased in June of 2001 - only three months after the wedding - and had a lot of work done to it in the 5 years of owning it. That house was sold in May of 2006 and we built our new home in the Blanchardville area....which we have been in since Thanksgiving of 2006.

In the time we've known each other, we've had some wonderful vacations to Florida (2000), Seattle (2001), the UP of Michigan (2003), Oklahoma/Texas (2004), Cave of the Mounds (2005), Chicago (2005), San Antonio (2006), Fort Lauderdale/Nassau Bahamas (2007), Panama (2015) and Panama again (2016). Some of those pictures can be found in Photos-Vacations on this website. Kathy and most of the family went on a cruise in November 2004 and had a great time. We have plans for future vacations over the next few years to places like Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador, Mexico and of course Wisconsin.

That's a brief summary of who we are, how we met and things happening in our lives.

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