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Family/Friends Birthdays this month

08 - Melissa Wedell
10 - Bob Smith
11 - Laura Smith
13 - Chad Wedell
20 - Anita Berigan
30 - Jim Romanowski

sunday   (06/25/2017)

We got up early and Kathy decided to go to the 8:00am church service. She left at 7:50am and walked to church; the weather being a little brisk. I of course got on the computer after I found that none of the M*A*S*H episodes this morning were one's I hadn't seen. I did set to record two movies today so that I can watch them at a later time; "Saving Private Ryan" and "The Mist." A short service - Kathy was home by 8:50am and she said there were a lot of people there.

I took a couple of pictures of my old computer and posted a listing of it on Craigslist - it's officially for sale. It'll be nice to get this off my desk and to get my second monitor onto my new computer. It's been a struggle only using one monitor for this computer - I've gotten so used to having the two screens to do things.

After church, Kathy did some yard work. She put up her wreath on the front door, put landscape fabric around the front tree, mulch around the front tree, then picked up all the thistle she picked yesterday. She also put out a couple of decorative pieces, like a rain gauge, in the front garden. Whew! She then came in, got cleaned up, got something to drink, grabbed her book and headed straight for the patio.

More later!

saturday   (06/24/2017)

Tierney and Jade
Tierney and Jade

I putzed on the computer this morning for a short time; Kathy had breakfast and did some reading. We stopped in town to visit the flea market - what a disappointment. There were about ten tents with mediocre items for sale. Kathy tried a free sample of some skin conditioner, but that was it. A quick stop to the post office and library and we were off. We then went to Belleville, where we exchanged the pants we bought yesterday for a size that will fit Jim. This will be given to him for his birthday. Kathy is unsure if she is going to go next weekend to Kenosha to be with the Romanowski's or to Muskego to be with the Berigan's. If the latter, she'll send the pants to Jim via mail. We got back home about noon and I got back on the computer; Kathy got back to reading while out on the patio - enjoying the 72 degree day.

About 2:30pm we left for Wal-Mart in Stoughton. There we picked up some potting soil, a trowel, some fertilizer and a bunch of annual plants. We came home and planted them in the planters that are on the back deck. They look nice now, but will look spectacular once they fill in. Some of the plants, a dozen actually, are wave petunias so they will spill over the planters nicely.

Planters with annuals

Kathy decided that it was time to do some weeding in the backyard, so she got her weeder stick and went about attacking some of the thistles that were out there. It's time to mow again and I think I'm going to call that guy who mowed for us last time. The grass is about a foot tall and I still don't know if the landlord is going to be doing the mowing or not. I hate to use our mower and find out he's going to do that on a regular basis. So, I'm going to give him one more month and I'll see how it goes.

Kathy came in and we had dinner. She talked with Dawn for a few minutes and decided that she'll be going to Kenosha this weekend instead of Muskego. Good choice as she can see Jim on his birthday and see the boys. Sounds like Andy is doing well, getting a second job parking cars. Between the two jobs, that'll keep him busy this summer. Alex is busy with friends and doing dirt-biking. I watched the news, but then got back on the computer for a short time. We then watched television for the evening, Kathy finding a nice movie at 8:00pm. I got back on the computer until nearly 11:00pm - I'm looking for some Terry Redlin prints to put in my office and checking out Craigslist ads. I thought I had two in Milwaukee at a reasonable price, but she sold one of them before I could get to it. There's another person in Oostburg selling two prints, but they really don't match one another so I'm reluctant to buy them. Guess I'll have to keep my eyes open!

friday   (06/23/2017)

I got up and ate breakfast in front of the computer - pop tarts. I checked email and Facebook and there wasn't much going on. I have found a few things on Craigslist that I'm interested in - just have to think about them for a bit. The neighbors, who are in our building, are having their furniture delivered today and a large moving van is parked in front of the house. When Kathy was leaving for swim class at 11:45am, the neighbors, Shawd and Sarah, came over to say "hi." This was the first time we've met Sarah and like Shawd - she is really nice! They've got three kids so it'll be interesting from a noise perspective as to how things go, but the walls/insulation seem pretty sound. I got back on my computer while Kathy was at swim class and did some testing on the old computer. Once this is done, I'm going to take some pictures of it and put it on Craigslist. It'll be nice to get it out of the way and if I can get $150.00 for it - the money will come in handy. Kathy got home about 1:30pm and said there were only about 20 people at the pool today. She thinks a lot of people stayed away because of the Oregon Summerfest activities going on and that parking might be hard to find. Kathy said parking wasn't a problem and everything went smoothly - she got in a good workout.

Kathy and I left at 2:30pm for the Duluth Trading Company in Belleville, where I got a few pull-over t-shirts and Kathy got what she thought was a pair of pants for Jim. We found out it was the wrong size and there are no returns on this sale that the store has going. Maybe Andy can wear them. We'll get another pair for Jim for his birthday later this month, now that we have his correct size.

We then struggled with traffic on highway 151, the beltline and highway 51 - taking about twice the time it should have to get to the Parade of Homes site in Token Creek. There we met Dan at the house he and his crew built. We waited for Bob, Rita and Ralph to catch up with us and we then toured the house. Kathy and I both used the word "cozy" to describe the house - it is really nice. Click here to see pictures of the house. We then had a quick ride home (the traffic had subsided) and Kathy had something to eat. I got on the computer to take care of this posting and the pictures from Dan's place so that you can enjoy them. Kathy watched the rerun of "America's Got Talent" and after I was done on the computer, I went to bed. Kathy watched television a little longer into the evening.

thursday   (06/22/2017)

I got up and after breakfast, got on the computer to check email and Facebook. Yvonne was early this week with the minutes from the Beach Business Networking group, so I was able to send those out to the members and update the website. Kathy got up and prepped the vegetables for a salad, dicing everything up that needed to be done. I think we're having salad tonight!

I continued to putz on the computer throughout the day. Kathy read her book most of the day, sitting on the patio before the rain came in. Instead of having salad for dinner, we had bratwursts instead. Kathy chased over to the store for some potato salad and beans to have with dinner. She said the store was packed full of people. The city of Oregon is starting their four-day Summerfest event today so people are stocking up on supplies. Tonight's fireworks though, were cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow night due to the forecast of rain.

We had dinner at 4:30pm, then settled into a night of television. Not much on, but Kathy found a movie at 8:00pm to watch. I got on the computer for a short time, then went to bed around 10:00pm. Kathy stayed up a couple more hours and watched television.

wednesday   (06/21/2017)

Happy Summer Solstice! The longest daylight hour day of the year and it's all downhill from here.....haha. I got up and got on the computer, checking email and Facebook. Kathy had her smoothie and was doing some reading before swim class, leaving around 11:50am. Jose sent me the attendance sheets from the Beach Business Networking group's meeting yesterday, so I updated the spreadsheet and database with the new information found on the sheets.

After swim class, Kathy went to Menard's and purchased another kitchen cabinet, one just like she got yesterday. She could only fit one in the car at a time and I couldn't be with her as the passenger seat needed to be pushed forward - just to fit that thing in the car (I miss my pickup truck at times). She got some other things too, like stain, wood glue, nails and some wood to create a shelf for one of her monitors (she is going to need Dan's help with that since we don't have a table saw to cut the wood). She got home around 4:00pm and we unloaded the cabinet into the garage. We have some plastic to put down on the garage floor and after we attach the sides to the cabinets, we'll be staining them.

We had dinner around 5:00pm, then watched television the rest of the evening; me until 9:00pm, Kathy until LATE!

Tabin and Sarah on their honeymoon
Tabin and Sarah on their honeymoon

tuesday   (06/20/2017)

Happy Birthday Anita Berigan!

I got up and once again checked the episodes of M*A*S*H that were running this morning - I've seen all of them. So, onto the computer I went to check email and Facebook. There wasn't as much on there this morning because I was on the computer late last night, but there were some interesting Facebook posts from my Panama friends. I then had breakfast with Kathy and she was reading the bulletin that she got from church on Sunday.

After the storms rolled through, we left for a Goodwill donation, then to Menard's to return some shelving and a stud finder. While at Menard's I purchased an 8-foot ladder and a 70-piece socket wrench set. We need the former in case the smoke detector goes off in the living room. I need to be able to get to the vaulted ceiling and turn it off. The socket wrench set will replace a set I've had for years and is rusted and just old. It has some extension pieces that my set doesn't have so the new set is a welcome addition. We then went to the bank in Stoughton and got some money for us to have on hand. Next was Wal-Mart, which was nearly across the street from the bank, and we did a grocery/household shopping there. Nothing outrageous and the cart was only about 2/3 full, but it cost nearly $200.00. Money must just grow on trees! We came home and unloaded the car, finding that the ladder barely fit in the garage with it's 8.1 foot ceilings. We may have to rethink this eight foot ladder and go with a six foot one.

I ordered pizza for dinner, from Pizza Hut, and we ate early. Kathy had a class at Michael's tonight on how to make a floral wreath. I putzed on the computer for a time, but once she left, I was in front of the television for the evening. I got to watch "America's Got Talent" - she'll have to wait until Friday for the rerun.....haha. She returned home around 8:15pm and we unpacked a kitchen cabinet Kathy got at Menard's. We are going to have two of them in the kitchen and they will store the vacuum cleaner, step stool, broom and other cleaning items. They are unpainted/unstained so we'll need to do that first. Kathy found a nice stain at Menard's that we can use - a color that should match our kitchen cabinets - a shade of pewter gray.

Floral Wreath

monday   (06/19/2017)

I got up and checked the episodes of M*A*S*H that were on this morning - none that I haven't seen. So I got on the computer and checked email and Facebook. I also sent out the agenda for the Beach Business Networking group, like I do every Monday morning. Kathy left about 11:35am as she wanted to stop at Walgreen's to get a birthday card for Anita, then drop it off at the Post Office before swim class. She got home about 12:30pm, way short of her scheduled time. A thunderstorm rolled in and they always close the pool when that happens.....safety sake! The storm didn't last long, but it dumped a lot of rain - good for the grass to grow. Kathy made some lunch and did some reading instead. I continued with my putzing on the computer, keeping up with email and Facebook. Lots of activities going on in Panama - I do miss those in some ways.

The afternoon zipped by, we had dinner, then watched television this evening. Kathy, as usual, found a nice movie to watch at 8:00pm. I got on the computer for a while, then headed to bed around 10:00pm. Kathy stayed up a couple of more hours watching television and playing games on her phone.

Hilary Berigan
Hilary Berigan

sunday   (06/18/2017)

I got a nice surprise this morning - Jeni called to wish me a "Happy Father's Day!" We talked for about 20 minutes and I found that Wyatt's ear infections (two of them) are getting better. She posted something about this the other day on Facebook. I'm glad he's doing better though and hopefully doesn't have to get tubes put in. She said that work is going well, Chad is sick but hard at it at work (in the heat - he does the same type of work that Dan Duren does), and that they were coming to Stoughton later today. I asked her to call me when they got to Stoughton, Eugster's Farm, and we would meet them there. The farm has all sorts of fun things for kids to play on - it's like a huge playground.

As usual, no unseen M*A*S*H episodes (I think I've seen them all), so I got on the computer. We shut the air conditioning off and opened the windows. Kathy was especially happy with that! It was nice to hear the birds chirping and feel a slight breeze coming in the window. Kathy had breakfast, a SlimFast drink, and did some reading until it was time to leave for church at 10:05am. She took her umbrella as it was overcast, but as soon as she left, the sun came out. Oh well, better to be prepared! Kathy got home around 11:15am and said there were just a couple of drops of rain on her walk home, but nothing that required the umbrella. She said there was a moderate amount of people in church today - maybe because of the weather, maybe because it's Father's Day.

Jeni called about 1:00pm and said they'd be at Eugster's Farm about 2:15pm, but she'd give a call when they got close. It's only about five minutes from our house so it's no big deal for us. We met Jeni, Chad and Wyatt at Eugster's Farm and spent nearly two hours looking at the animals, walking around, Wyatt sitting on the tractors and we eating some ice cream at the end of our tour. Wyatt was so good and he especially enjoyed pulling the wagon that he was supposed to be pulled in and the tractors that were scattered throughout the farm.

Afterwards, Kathy and I stopped for dinner at Burger King, using one of our coupons. Once home, I got on the computer and looked at all the pictures I took at the farm. If you want to see them, click here.

We then sat down in front of the television and enjoyed watching some Sunday night programming.

Jeni and a llama
Jeni at Eugster's Farm on Father's Day

Pat, Tierney and Jake at the ball game
Pat, Tierney and Jake at the ball game on Father's Day